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How Should Norwich Adapt to the Adverse Consequences of Climate Change?

A recording of the thought-provoking debate sponsored by The Norwich Society which took place on 23rd April 2022 at The Forum, Norwich.

Extreme weather, flooding, storms, damage to infrastructure, impact on biodiversity, soil quality and human well-being – the potential adverse consequence of climate change will require planning and changes to how we live. What adaptions will Norwich have to make, what’s the timeframe and outlook for the city, and what are the main obstacles we need to overcome?

This thought-provoking debate sponsored by The Norwich Society saw speakers from across the political spectrum discuss these questions and more. It is hoped that resulting ideas will help shape conversations around emerging concepts such as a Citizen’s Assembly, and feed into strategies of organisations such as the recently established independent advisory body, Norwich Climate Commission.

Hosted by The Reverend Dr Fiona Haworth of St Peter Mancroft, each speaker presented their views and ideas in turn followed by an audience Q&A.

In order, the speakers were:

• Simon Jones, Norwich Conservative Federation Chair, Conservatives

• Steffan Aquarone, Norfolk County Councillor, Liberal Democrats

• Catherine Rowett, former MEP East England, Green

• Emma Hampton, Norwich City Councillor, Labour and Vice Chair of The Norwich Climate Commission