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Updated, March 2023

The Norwich Society shares the City Council’s desire to see a final and successful resolution to the Anglia Square issue. Our aim is not to oppose for opposition’s sake or to seek repeated call-ins and public inquiries.

Looking back over the length of the pre-application process, we must commend the applicants on their willingness to engage with the community and at the resources and efforts they have dedicated to the task. There are numerous instances where the architects have picked up on specific community ideas and made detailed amendments to their plans. However, the essence of the development proposals before us is the same as those which was aired in Spring/Summer 2022.

The Norwich Society therefore formally objects to the Second Revision to the planning application (22/00434/F) and believes that, if the application is determined in its present form, it should be refused permission.

The Society believes that the proposed development pays insufficient regard to the character and appearance of the Norwich City Centre Conservation Area and to the important heritage assets in the vicinity. As things stand, the development will cause significant harm to heritage interests because of its heights, massing and layout. The Norwich Society also believes that the development would not provide the standard of residential environment that should be expected of such an important site, due to its high density and the layout and orientation of the units proposed.

In our judgement, significant amendments will be needed before planning permission can be granted. Nevertheless, the Norwich Society remains keen to work with the City Council, the developer and the Anglia Square community to help solve the challenges that remain.