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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with the Norwich Society is an excellent way of learning more about Norwich, making a valued contribution to the work of the Society, and making friends.

Much of The Norwich Society’s work is done through its five outward facing committees, and all members are eligible to join any of these. Specialist or industry expertise is helpful, but everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary to take part – just enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute. Download our volunteering leaflet here. Find out more about the Society's structure and recent projects and successes of each committee here.

Planning Appraisal Committee

The PAC reviews and comments on planning decisions to the City Council on behalf of the Society, with a particular focus on larger developments and those involving demolition or significant alterations or affecting listed buildings. The committee’s overarching goals are to protect the important architectural heritage of Norwich and to ensure that new development is of high quality and will become our city’s legacy for the future.

The committee meets every month to consider applications, and for presentations or discussions with external stakeholders such as developers or other local groups. Members also research and comment on around 4 or 5 planning applications via email on a weekly basis. An interest in architecture and design is helpful, but no formal background in the sector is required.

Strategic Planning and Transport Committee

The SP&T focuses on ‘big matters and the future’ by initiating actions and responding to official consultations in the context of a longer-term view of our city. It’s a hinge-point between the heritage of the past and the development of the future, seeking to influence decisions by being informed by the past and inspired by the opportunities ahead.

The committee meets monthly for around 75 minutes. Attendance at every meeting is not expected, and members contribute as much or as little as they wish or feel qualified to do. If you have a specific interest or hobby-horse, there are opportunities to put together more detailed papers or reports for sharing with the committee and potential adoption and publication by the Society.

Conservation and Development Committee

The CDC considers new development and its effect on existing heritage, as well as working towards preserving and enhancing existing historic buildings and identifying new uses. The city contains one of the oldest medieval street plans and features over 1,500 listed buildings; from a Town Planning perspective, these can create challenges for new developments, but working with the City Council and Norwich Preservation Trust, the committee promotes continuing use of older buildings in the city.

The committee meets every other month to review relevant issues. The committee has an ongoing dialogue with the City Council, and currently meets twice a year to consider Heritage at Risk in the city. This committee is particularly well suited to anyone with an interest in history, historic architecture, or archaeology.

Civic Environment Committee

The CEC seeks to maintain Norwich’s unique character by undertaking regular studies and audits of aspects of the civic environment, both natural and built. Their findings are published on the Society’s website and sent where appropriate to the City Council.

The Committee meets most months, for around 1 – 2 hours, with site visits to areas of interest typically once or twice a year. Additional project work involving site surveys may also be taken on by committee members.

Publicity and Events Committee

The PEC’s aims are to provide sociable and informative events for members, raising awareness of the Society amongst the public and managing social media channels. The committee puts together the Society’s popular annual events programme of outings, city tours, and talks, and is also responsible for publicising these events, the overall work of the Norwich Society and inspiring the public with our passion for Norwich.

The PEC usually meets twice a year to review past events and share ideas for future programmes. Members typically take responsibility for a particular aspect of work and take it forward. The group is always looking for fresh ideas for events, outings and tours and help across all its activities.

Now and Again

If you can’t commit to ongoing volunteering with one of our committees, why not consider joining the Now and Again group. This team provides ad hoc support as needed to the Society and Coordinator across activities such as stewarding walks, being on reception and welcoming people at talks, and administrative and operational help such as bundling mail outs.

Talks and Articles

We hold regular talks and tours and are always looking for new guides to develop walking tours around Norwich and speakers to research and present talks about aspects of the city’s past at our Historians Group Talks. We also produce a twice-yearly publication, Aspects of Norwich, and contributors are needed to cover a variety of both well-known and more obscure topics on the city's landscape and heritage.

If you’re interested in any of these volunteering opportunities, please get in touch with the Coordinator by emailing to let us know a bit about you and which areas you’re interested in helping with.